SPEIT for EITC CyberSecurity curriculum

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Social, Professional and Ethical Aspects of Information Technology

Compared to the original, this version of the course has some topics merged and some others added to reflect more of the InfoSec/DevOps profile of the curriculum.


  1. Information society?
  2. The long road: from ENIAC to iPad
  3. The story of Cyberspace
  4. Legal stuff for DevOps
  5. Licenses and practices
  6. Risk management
  7. Ergonomics, usability and accessibility
  8. Development and business models
  9. The weird ways of online communication (unfinished)
  10. PIBKAC
  11. Censorship and privacy in the Net
  12. Cyberwars: politics and technology
  13. Hackers: the techno-culture
  14. Professionalism
  15. Technology, training and procedures
  16. Of Hobbits, Hackers, Amish and Technology