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Before the blogs, there were mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups, Fidonet had its network of bulletin board systems (BBS). But even before that, there was the Community Memory - a terminal-based system running on an XDS-940 computer located in San Francisco (active 1972-74). The first and most famous terminal was located in a record store in Berkeley, used an ASR-33 teletype as terminal and was connected to the computer via a 110-baud (10 characters per second) line. The system allowed to leave messages, attach keywords to them and search the messages by keýwords. In essence, this was a very primitive group blog - and it even gave birth to one of the earliest Net personalities called Benway. The project was run by four early computing pioneers: Ken Colstad, Mark Szpakowski, Lee Felsenstein and Efrem Lipkin.


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