Communities and social software

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This course is still in forming stage only...

Main idea - to give a general overview of social software and community models in lectures and practical skills in using different social applications and methods in labs.

The Course:

  • 16 weeks (one semester/term), 2 academic hours of lectures and 1 hour of labs weekly (2-0-1) - in practice, one 1.5-hour lecture every week, one 1.5-hour lab every other week, plus independent work.
  • 3.0 Estonian academic credits, 4.0 ECTS credits


1.Community – what's that?
2.Special features of online communication
3.Social software – building blocks of online communities
4.Learning communities
5.Social networking sites – the bane of the youth?
6.The WikiWorld
7.The blogosphere: you can be a journalist, too!
8.Feeding the news – RSS, Atom and others
9.Social bookmarking and tagging
10.Building software the Linux way – community-based software development
11. ....


1.General introduction
2.Sharing the content: Flickr, Frappr
3.Wiki editing
4.Bookmarking and tagging –, Technorati, Rojo
5.Learning authoring – LeMill
6. ......


  • Create a bookmark collection at
  • Create a photo album at Flickr
  • Write an introduction about yourself at the course wiki
  • Write about the experiences in a blog