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;;[[Security and privacy issues]]
;;[[Security and privacy issues]]
:;[[Communities and social software]]
:;[[Communities and social software]]
;;[[Political and social issues]]
;;[[Political and social aspects of new media]]
;;[[Intellectual property and new media]]
;;[[Intellectual property and new media]]
;;[[IMKE WikiLab sandbox]]
;;[[IMKE WikiLab sandbox]]

Redaktsioon: 10. november 2006, kell 22:19

IMKE (Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments) is a new Master's programme developed at Tallinn University and to be launched in September 2006. The programme is international by nature and will be delivered in English.

Compared to other similar programmes, IMKE has some distinctive features:

  • interdisciplinary approach, yet inclined towards computer science / information technology
  • as one of the first of its kind, strong commitment to free culture (free/open-source software, free/open content, free licenses, community building etc)
  • community-based social approach to knowledge (constructivist learning, "playful cleverness", knowledge environments)

Please see the IMKE homepage for further information.

Courses in development

Anyone interested can lend a hand in developing the courses that will be delivered in the 2006/2007 academic year.

NB! This is only a development "sandbox" - the final materials will be delivered to the Owl Academy page as the lectures/labs take place.

Security and privacy issues
Communities and social software
Political and social aspects of new media
Intellectual property and new media
IMKE WikiLab sandbox