Political and social aspects of digital interactive media

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NB! This is only a development "sandbox" - the real course will be located at the Owl Academy.

Main idea - to introduce various political and social issues in the field of new media, to promote awareness of and to discuss the diverse circle of related problems.

The Course:

  • 16 weeks (one semester/term) - one 1.5-hour session (lecture or lab) weekly plus independent work.
  • 3.0 Estonian academic credits, 4.0 ECTS credits


1. e-Democracy, e-Elections and e-Government - social movements, participatory democracy and the Net
2. Global networks in global politics
3. The Big Brother on Menwith Hill (privacy and eavesdropping)
4. Censors vs Cyberspace
5. Social software, social engineering (not so much security but social aspects of manipulation)
6. Political campaigns and new media
7. The Hacker Ethic and empowerment of minorities
8. Hacktivism and Cyberterror
9. Gender issues off- and online (Susanna)
10. New Media and culture (seminar?; Susanna)
11. Play of life in the theatre of networks (Susanna).
12. Narration, storytelling, non-linear media (Susanna?)



  • paper + slides + oral presentation
  • assignments
  • link portfolio (Technorati or similar)
  • blog