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Social, Professional and Ethical Aspects of Information Technology

(also known at the Estonian IT College as The Course With The Longest Name...

The main aim of the course is to show the 'human side' of IT, dealing with a wide variety of diverse issues (from history and psychology to hackerdom and FLOSS). The secondary aim is to provide the first step towards the future diploma thesis in letting the student to try his/her hand at academic/technical writing, reviewing, presentation and public speaking. The English version of the course is compiled with the new Cyber Security Engineering curriculum in mind.


  1. Information Society
  2. From ENIAC to iPad
  3. The Story of Cyberspace
  4. (The Not So) New Media
  5. Can Property Be Intellectual?
  6. Software and Content Licensing
  7. IT, Risks and Ergonomics
  8. The Quirks of Online Communication
  9. A Fool Gets Beaten Even in Internet
  10. Professionalism?
  11. Censorship, Privacy and Internet
  12. Hackers...?
  13. The Story of Linux
  14. A Different Kind of IT
  15. IT and Ethics


  1. PIBKAC (in-text references not fixed yet!)
  2. Cyberwars
  3. The Mitnick Measures
  4. Of Hobbits, Amish, Hackers and Technology