Intellectual property in the age of new media

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NB! This is only a development "sandbox" - the real course will be located at the Owl Academy.

Main idea - to introduce various models of author motivation and related legal frameworks. A special focus is on the newer alternative ideas to traditional copyright (e.g. Free Software/Open Source, Creative Commons etc).

The Course:

  • 16 weeks (one semester/term) - one 1.5-hour session (lecture or lab) weekly plus independent work.
  • 3.0 Estonian academic credits, 4.0 ECTS credits


Intro: Motivation to create
Author compensation throughout the human history
Development of traditional copyright
The Millennium Bug in intellectual property
The hacker approach
The uneasy alliance: Free Software vs Open Source
The content models: Creative Commons
Hybrid approaches
What about the future?


  • paper + slides + oral presentation
  • assignments
  • link portfolio (Technorati or similar)
  • blog